Welcome to the Portuguese module!


Please get acquainted with our approach  here.

What are the next steps?

If you are starting with Portuguese, go to level A1. If you are a CE mover, you will receive an email regarding the start of the interactive sessions.

If you already know some Portuguese, do the placement test and inform your teacher, via email, about the result indicating your SkypeID. In order to test your speaking skills and confirm your language level, your teacher will test you via Skype. It’s very important to be placed in the appropriate level to get the best performance!

Below you will be introduced to Portuguese language and culture via links to the University of Aveiro, TV and radio channels, a newspaper and a magazine.

In addition to the course presented, there are more language resources on the internet. Below you will find some sites which can help you, particularly if the explanations are in your mother tongue or if you enjoy playing games online:

http://www.babelmundo.es/portugues/ is a website in Spanish for learning Portuguese (from Brazil). If you already speak Spanish, this website can help you see the similarities and differences between the two languages.

http://www.easyportuguese.com/ is a very useful website as it allows direct access to the basics of the language and includes audio files.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/portuguese/talk/index.shtml is a BBC site with interesting videos, audio files, texts, specially for the basic skills.

Enjoy the Portuguese course and join the community of CE-movers.

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